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Large Language Model (LLM) Solutions

Solve complex challenges with LLM workflows and scaling quality data initiatives, using our visionary solutions and global network of language and domain expertise.

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End-to-end solutions

Custom tooling and scalable data to power your Gen AI innovation.

Tooling for LLM Workflows

Enhance legacy and out-of-the-box tooling, or build completely customized tooling for LLM data collection, labelling and validation to optimize and automate your workflows.

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LLM Pre-training

Easily craft tailored instructional datasets and prompt pairings with our global network of vetted linguists and domain specialists.

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LLM Fine-Tuning with RLHF

Refine your model through the power of human feedback, cutting-edge quality assessment, and in-depth analysis tasks meticulously designed to align with your unique use case.

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LLM Trust & Quality Assurance

Deploy enterprise Gen AI securely and responsibly, leveraging our comprehensive suite of model benchmarking tools meticulously designed to ensure optimal quality assurance and safety.

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