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LLM Fine-Tuning with RLHF

At Argos, we excel in the sophisticated integration of Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) techniques to refine Language Models (LLMs). Our distinguished approach involves the seamless fusion of LLM data services with bespoke tooling, ensuring the optimal alignment of human feedback with model optimization strategies.

Through meticulous data curation, customized tooling, and task-driven refinement, we elevate the performance and accuracy of LLMs across diverse tasks and specific domains. Partner with us to leverage the power of RLHF and unlock unparalleled advancements in your LLM projects.

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Prompt & Response Creation

With our linguists and domain experts, we ensure diverse perspectives and linguistic nuances are captured, enriching the quality and authenticity of prompts and responses. Additionally, our proprietary tooling streamlines the creation process, enabling efficient management and optimization of data workflows.

By combining the expertise of our linguists and domain specialists with innovative tooling solutions, we empower you to develop prompts and responses that resonate effectively with your target audience.

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RLHF – Human Feedback, Scoring & Analysis

Recognizing the pivotal role of human feedback in augmenting the performance and precision of reinforcement learning models, we tailor our solutions and services to address our clients' specific LLM requirements. From curated data collection to bespoke task design and feedback loop optimization, our offerings cater to diverse needs.

Our linguists are carefully chosen for their distinguished quality and expertise, guaranteeing that data is meticulously accurate and ethically sourced. Our state-of-the-art tooling technology is intricately crafted to enhance efficiencies across the RLHF process, encompassing response evaluation, model assessment, and performance testing.

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LLM Response Correction, Quality & Relevance

Ensuring the thorough testing and evaluation of your LLM responses is pivotal for refining quality outputs. The challenge remains in scaling these activities while upholding precision. Leveraging our extensive network, we identify domain experts tailored to your requirements.

Our bespoke tooling addresses your multimodal data challenges, streamlining the evaluation and ranking processes. This enables swift determination of optimal responses, enhancing efficiency and precision in your workflow.

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Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Our custom tooling is engineered to streamline the integration of retrieval mechanisms into the generation pipeline, facilitating seamless information retrieval and response generation. This ensures that responses are not only accurate but also contextually relevant and coherent.

In tandem, our platform harnesses human feedback to refine and optimize the RAG process. Expert annotators provide invaluable insights that enrich the quality and relevance of retrieved information, enhancing the overall performance of RAG models.

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