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Pre-Train, Fine-Tune and Safely Evaluate your LLM Data

Power your Generative AI Innovation with Bespoke Tooling & Data Services

Utilise our industry leading solutions and services to solve complex LLM workflow challenges with fit-for-purpose custom tooling. Scale LLM data requirements with our global network of linguists and domain specific expertise, sourcing data that is both accurate and ethical.

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Solutions & Services

Quality data with human-in-the-loop solutions

Argos builds custom programs for enterprise clients to provide human-assisted clean data collection, annotation, and validation for machine learning.

Large Language Model (LLM) Solutions

Custom tooling and scalable data to power your Gen AI innovation.

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Data Collection, Annotation, and Evaluation

Customer experience innovation powered by next-gen digital solutions.

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Custom Machine Translation Solutions

Machine Learning (ML) offers fast turnaround times, large volumes, and low costs. We create custom MT solutions.

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Working with the biggest companies in AI and Machine Learning

Experience & expertise

Our programs are supported by an agile production team, innovative tools and technology, a specialized supply chain, and an ISO-certified quality assurance team.

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