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Data Validation

Data Evaluation

The value of data sets goes down exponentially if the quality is poor. Validate your data to improve accuracy in your machine learning models.

Optimize ads by gathering quality opinion data from your target demographics.

Ad Evaluation

Assess the quality of your ads in culture, intent, relevance, and rules.

Before launching an expensive PPC campaign, we run your ad by your target audience to define sentiment, intent, and effectiveness. With in-country resources in over 75 languages, we optimize your ad for any global target market Quality AI needs good, clean data sets. We collect data based on your system's unique requirements. With qualified resources around the globe, we rapidly scale according to your project and cover more than 75 languages. Our human-in-the-loop process provides better data than scraping or crowdsourcing alone. All of this means better performance for your machine learning systems.

Optimized search results that drive traffic

Search Evaluation

Ensure your search algorithms respond to queries correctly and that your website pages display correctly when searched.

You have a lot of content. Our multilingual team will audit your search results pages and identify areas for improvements including caption evaluation, ad review, and search query categorization. We customize each project to fit your unique needs.

When you need data covered, blurred, or distorted to comply with privacy laws and protect anonymity in your data sets

Data Redaction

Comply with privacy requirements and make the most of existing data sets by redacting sensitive or personal data.

Common types of data redaction include blurring or distorting of images, text, or audio. Argos has secure systems to redact your data and make it usable on a larger scale. With in-country resources all over the world, we can help you comply with local privacy laws when working with large AI training sets.

Peace of mind with brand safety and security

Content Moderation

Protect your brand and image by removing sensitive or inappropriate content from your channels.

As the importance of online customer engagement increases, so does the risk of an inappropriate post or image damaging your brand's reputation. Argos provides content moderation services to identify potentially risky content and flags it. We can use a submission approval process, or we can scan your channels after content has been published. We have qualified analysts fluent in over 75 languages to keep your content culturally appropriate for any target market.

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